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AbdulWahed Bin Shabib Hospitalities is a leading casual and fine dining operator having iconic brands that serve unique experiences, great food, and unparalleled beverage offerings

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AWS Hospitalities

We are the Hospitalities arm of our parent company AbdulWahed Bin Shabib Group. Our goal is to ensure customer satisfaction and we take pride in providing Delicious, Fresh quality Food.Our portfolio includes renowned concepts including Levant Village, Grand Buffet, Nahash Restaurants, Chicken and More, Italian Pizza, Tsuki Cafe, Rals Cafe
We located in Bin Shabib Mall, Al Qusais Industrial 1, Dubai and we intend to expand to other parts of Dubai

Perfect Ambience and Creative Space

We offer You the Best and Creative Ambience in our Restaurants. The ambience in a restaurant plays an undeniably significant role in shaping our customers' overall dining experience. Diners care about more than just your cuisine - and chosen to eat out instead of grab a takeaway, after all, and it’s important to provide a memorable experience to our customers.